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How do I embed AwareGO content into Workplace?

Learn more about how to use AwareGO content in Workplace from Facebook.

This feature is only for Enterprise clients.

  1. Log in to the LMS platform  
  2. Click the drop down menu from the top right corner
  3. Select Embed Content
  4. Click on the title of the video you would like to use
  5. Click on Generate Snippet
  6. From here there are two customisable options
    1. Default size (small/medium/large)
    2. Languages
  7. Once you have selected your options, you can copy the Link to embed
  8. Open Workplace and paste the link on the group/page you would like to use it on.

After pasting the link you will see a thumbnail image and some descriptive text. When the employee clicks the link they will get the video full screen with the language options that you selected.