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What is the Human Risk Assessment?

Learn more about what the Human Risk Assessment helps you achieve.

AwareGO’s Human Risk Assessment solution is based on human-behavioural science.

The secure cloud-based solution allows companies to measure employees’ knowledge and behaviour across several recognised human threat vectors, such as phishing, remote/hybrid work, passwords, and more, ultimately quantifying the company’s cyber resilience.

Its interactive experience, friendly environment, and instant feedback make the Assessment a transformative and indispensable tool for organisations striving to educate employees better and reduce cybersecurity risks.

It has been tried and tested with Fortune 200 multinational enterprises but fits organisations of all sizes.

Many companies claim to have the right tools to do an cybersecurity risk audit for employees. They send out questionnaires or surveys or offer phishing simulations. AwareGO has come up with a Human Risk Assessment tool that goes beyond both surveys and phishing simulations. It measures knowledge and behaviour through interactive scenarios.

The Human Risk Assessment was created by cybersecurity and human behavioural experts to measure cybersecurity awareness, knowledge and behaviour. It goes beyond any phishing simulation known today as it doesn’t set employees up to fail. Nor does it give false positives or negatives when employees simply do not respond to simulated phishing emails. The Human Risk Assessment can be used as a stand-alone phishing test, but it can also give you reporting on other threat areas such as password security awareness, device and sensitive data handling, remote work securityphysical security and more.