How do I integrate with Teams

Learn more about delivering training, sending reminders and notifications on Microsoft Teams .

Teams integration is used to send messages to users on Microsoft Teams, when training is accessible and send reminders when training is scheduled.

These instructions are twofold. First, you need to find your Tenant ID and connect it to AwareGO platform and then you will need to install AwareGO app for your company.

Part 1/2 - Connect Tenant ID to AwareGO:

To be able to connect you will need your Microsoft Teams Tenant ID

1. Open the Azure portal home ->

2. Search for Azure Active Directory

Teams - Setup Integration - Step 1

3. Open Azure Active Directory service

4. Copy Tenant ID from the Tenant information block:

Teams - Setup Integration - - Step 2

5. Go to

6. Click on Teams Integration -> Manage


7. Paste Tenant ID in the marked field

8. Click Save


Part 2/2 - Install AwareGO app four your team:

Install AwareGO app on Teams. 

1. Go to apps ( icon at down in the left sidebar), find and click on AwareGO.

Teams - Setup APP - Step 4

2. Click the dropdown icon, choose add to team.

Teams - Setup APP - Step 5

3. Search for the team you want to connect and choose it.

image 9

4. Click "Set up a bot"

image 10