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How do I embed AwareGO content into SharePoint?

Learn more about integrating our content.

This feature is only for Enterprise clients. 

1. Configure SharePoint to allow embed of our videos

Access your SharePoint portal and allow the embed of our videos. Here is detailed information on how to configure that

The site you need to give access to is - https://lms.awarego.com

2. Get the embed code

Log in to the LMS platform on by inserting your email and following the link that you will be sent via email.

After you have logged in you can select the video you want to embed from the list.

When you have selected the video you get a page with embed options.

On this page you can select the default size (small/medium/large) and what languages you want to have available for you users to select from.

Click the link Generate Snippet.

Screenshot 2019-10-25 at 11.03.25

3. Add the embed code to your Sharepoint page.

4. Go to your Sharepoint site and create a new page.

5. Add a new Embed object to the page by clicking the plus icon and select Embed.

Paste code to SharePoint

On the right side you should now have an input box where you can paste the embed code that you copied previously. 

SharePoint video added