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How do I edit a Training Program?

Learn what changes and edits you can make to a Training Program.

Training Programs can be edited before they are sent out to recipients. 

If a program has been created and sent out to recipients, it cannot be changed. You can stop, delete, or copy the program if you wish to quit or start over.

Copying a program allows you to edit the videos, the employee lists, the delivery, and the title of the program.

To Edit during the creation process:

1. Select a ready-made or custom training and press Continue

Screenshot 2020-05-25 at 11.53.50

2. Add videos to the training program by clicking Add Subjects in the upper right corner.

Screenshot 2020-05-25 at 11.54.03

3. Select the videos you want to add/remove by clicking the +/- sign by each video.

4. Press Confirm to add them to the training program. 

5. Drag and rearrange the videos in the order you would like them to be sent out. 

Employees who have already viewed some of the videos will not be required to watch them again and their previous scores will show up in your statistics for other trainings. 

If you have started a training program and decide to make changes to the Employee List receiving the program, any new employees will automatically have access to the training. You can either send them their login link, or you can send reminders to employees who have yet to complete the training.

If you remove employees from the list they will no longer receive the training.