How do I measure the success of an assessment?

See how employees are performing and deep dive to understand the cybersecurity risk picture.

Assessment report shows:

  • Attendance. This shows you if employees you have invited are taking part in the assessment.
  • Completion rate. This shows you how many employees have completed the assessment.
  • Resilience score. A performance indicator showing an average employee score.
  • Threat area breakdown. You will be able to see an average employee score across different threat areas, as well as your employee's strongest and weakest cybersecurity behaviors.
  • Content and employee engagement. You will be able to review employee responses and deep dive into individual employee performance.

Select the assessment you would like to evaluate from the Assessment tab.


What's in the report?

General overview

The attendance score

The attendance score shows the total number of employees who started the assessment.

Use this to:

  • Determine if attendance meets your expectations - do you have to launch an additional assessment for non-participants?
  • Evaluate the communication methods you used to inform employees about the assessment, to increase the attendance score in the future.

The completion rate

The completion rate shows you how many employees completed the assessment.

Use this to:

  • Determine if the completion rate meets your expectations - do you have enough data to extract relevant conclusions or do you need to enroll some employees in additional assessment?
  • In combination with the Questions tab, to check if some questions represented frequent drop-off points in the whole assessment.

The resilience score

The resilience score shows an average employee score in the assessment.

Use this to:

  • Understand where, on average, do your employees stand in the performance spectrum 
  • Deep dive into the Threat area analysis to understand the knowledge gaps across different cybersecurity areas.

Threat area breakdown

Threat areas

Threat area breakdown gives you information on how employees perform and behave across different threat areas.

Use this to:

  • Identify knowledge gaps in different cybersecurity areas
  • Identify employees’ strongest and weakest cybersecurity behaviors
  • Plan the focused training program that covers the areas where you identified the biggest knowledge gaps

Content and employee engagement

The below overview enables you to review employee responses and look at the resilience score from different angles:

  • Employees
  • Questions



Employees tab enables you to evaluate the performance of each employee. 

Use this to:

  • Look into the performance of employees with a higher level of responsibility and access to sensitive data



Questions tab gives you an overview of all questions you’ve included in the assessment.

Use this to:

  • Check out questions and employee responses - where do employees often get the wrong answer? 
  • Identify low-performing questions. Include these again in future assessments, once you have trained your employees in the weakest areas.