How do I integrate with Azure Active Directory? (Azure AD)

Learn more about importing and syncing employees with Azure Active Directory.

Integrate your AwareGO account with your Azure AD in order to export all users (or only the users you specify) to AwareGO training portal.

Once set up, it will also remove and add users as they come and go from your Active Directory.

Which fields are imported from Azure AD to AwareGO?
For each group you have selected, we go recursively (if there is groups within groups) and gather the following properties for each employee. They are then put into the corresponding default fields in AwareGO’s platform. 

  • Group name         
  • Person displayName (Display Name)
  • Person mail (Email)

    After you integrate AwareGO with Azure AD:

    • It will automatically update every 24hrs
    • You can trigger the sync by clicking Sync Now on your settings page
    • It will update account information such as name, add new users and remove old users

    To get started, open your Windows Azure Management Console and follow these steps:

    1. On the top navigation pane, use the search box to find App Registrations



    1. Click the New Registration button 
    2. Fill the appeared Register an application pop-up



    1. Give a name to your application, for example AwareGO AD connection 
    2. Choose Accounts in this organizational directory only - the single tenant option
    3. Push the Register button

    How to prepare your Azure AD for AwareGO integration:

    1. While in the App Registrations, copy and save the Application ID on a notepad. You will need it later for the AwareGO integration page
    2. Select the Application you previously created and click Certificates & Secrets in the list 
    3. Add New client secret



    1. Write AwareGO Key in the Description field 
    2. Select Never for the expiry date 
    3. Click Add



    1. An auto generated key will appear after you click Add, as in the image above 
    2. Save the key value as you will need it along with the Application ID



    1. Go to the API permissions section 
    2. Click Add a permission and find Microsoft Graph in the list

      Screen Shot 2022-11-22 at 17.02.56

      By default, Microsoft Graph is granted "Sign in and read the user profile", do not remove it.

    3. Add the recommended permissions below:

     In the Application Permissions tab, check the following:

        • Directory.Read.All

    In the Delegated Permissions tab, check each of the following:

        • Directory.Read.All 
        • Group.Read.All
        • GroupMember.Read.All
        • User.Read.All

    Once all the permissions have been checked push the "Add permissions" button.

    The permissions should now look like this:

    Screen Shot 2022-11-22 at 17.10.47

    4.  Finally, click Grant admin consent for xxx (the name of the application you just created).


    Now you have given AwareGO permission to read and import users from your Azure AD to AwareGO.

    To complete the integration, you will need to update the credentials in AwareGO:

    1. Log in to your AwareGO account
    2. Go to Settings in the top right drop down
    3. Select Integrations 
    4. Click Azure Active Directory
    5. Put in the Tenant ID, Client App ID, and Client secret from earlier
    6. Set to Test mode
    7. Save and test the connection
    8. You can then include or exclude groups in the list below
    9. When you are satisfied with all groups selected, switch over to Production mode